Our constantly updated advanced machinery consists of 43 automatic lathes which allow us to produce high quality precision turned parts:

25 cam-controlled single-spindle automatic lathes
From 2.5 mm
to 32 mm
From 500
to 500 000 pieces
5 numerically-controlled single- and double-spindle lathes
From 4 mm to 65 mm
From 500
to 50 000 pieces
11 cam-controlled multi-spindle automatic lathes
From 4 mm to 30 mm
From 25 000 to several million pieces
3 numerically-controlled multi-spindle lathes
From 7 mm to 32 mm
From 25 000 to several million pieces


We also have a secondary-operation machining department, which completes the screw-cutting.

About 30 machines (Grinding, transfer machines…):
- for grinding (plunge grinding, centerless),
- for cutting,
- for milling,
- for drilling,
- for welding (Facility to assemble components),
- for rolling,
- for polishing,
- for stamping



PELLIER-CUIT SAS also has at its disposal the necessary equipment for the washing and the drying of the parts.
This equipment, of course, operates in an environmentally friendly manner.